Samuel Brooklyn

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Samuel Brooklyn
Driver in Commandos 2
Driver in Commandos 2
Background information
Born April 4, 1910
Birthplace Brooklyn, USA
Key information
Nicknames Tread, Driver
Weapon of choice Submachine gun

Samuel Brooklyn (born 4 April, 1910 in Brooklyn, USA), better known as Tread or the Driver is an ex-con, who was convicted of grand theft, burglary, and other such felonies in 1937. Before his prison sentence he managed to escape to England with a new identity. He became known as Sid Perkins. As soon as U.S. Agents pursued Perkins, he immediately enlisted in the British Army. Two years later he collaborated with the Foreign Office in testing vehicles and arms stolen from the enemy. Impressed by his knowledge and skills, Paddy Maine enlisted Sid into the Commandos in 1941. In one of his early missions he destroyed eight German fighter planes with a jeep's machine gun and, after running out of ammo, he destroyed four more by crashing his jeep into them. From this action he suffered severe burns.

Sid tends to be a very mistrustful character. Though he does not have a good relationship with his fellow Commandos, his wide range of knowledge and ability to drive and repair all sorts of land vehicles proves him to be a worthy member of the Commandos team.

The Driver's main purpose on each mission is to drive various vehicles during the level. He becomes most useful when a mission involves an escape truck for all the commandos once the mission is complete. During the mission, he is useful in operating German positions such as artillery and mounted machine guns. He is also equipped with a submachine gun which fires a three round burst into any enemy. However, it has a magazine of twenty rounds which limits the amount of times it can be used. The Driver is also the primary medic of the team.
In Commandos 2, the Driver can throw various gas grenades and molotov cocktails. With the help of the Sapper, he can also set booby traps that can trigger an explosion. However, the Driver is not in Commandos 3.