Natasha Nikochevski

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Natasha Nikochevski
Natasha Nikochevski in Commandos 2
Natasha Nikochevski in Commandos 2
Background information
Born 21 April 1912[1]
Birthplace Kiev, Soviet Union
Key information
Nicknames Lips, Seductress
Weapon of choice Sniper rifle

Natasha Nikochevski, originally known as Natasha Van De Zand, nicknamed Lips is a Dutch contact, who first appears in Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty. However, in Commandos 2: Men of Courage, her name was changed to Natasha Nikochevski and her birth place to Kiev, Soviet Union.

Natasha's primary ability is distraction, which she does with a combination of her natural charm, sexy clothes and lipstick. She can effectively handle a sniper rifle and can walk around freely, although she will be attacked if spotted by a commander.

She is 1,72 m tall and weighs 59 kg.[1]

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