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Infobox mission
Available commandos This is what it looks like if there's a ton of text in a right-column field so people don't freak out when the template stretches itself when all the fields are empty which will never happen.

This is just some placeholder text for the template page only.


{{Infobox mission
|game = 
|campaign =
|image = 
|caption = 
|commandos = 
|objective =
|location = 
|secondary_objectives = 
|clues = 
|previous = 
|bonus = 
|next = 
|footnotes = 
{{Infobox mission
|game = Game in which this mission is in, for example, Commandos 2: Men of Courage
|campaign = campaign for Commandos 3 missions only (Normandy/Central Europe/Stalingrad)
|image = image of the mission, if any. Use proper image syntax, i.e. [[File:Is Paris burning?|250px]]
|caption = image caption. Only fill in this if there is an image.
|commandos = Available commandos for this mission (i.e. [[Spy]], [[Green Beret]])
|location = where the mission takes place, i.e. Paris, France or Stavanger, Norway
|objective = primary objective(s) of this mission; what are you supposed to do?
|secondary_objectives = secondary objectives of the mission, if any; i.e. rescue all the prisoners or retrieve the Enigma machine
|clues = clues given to you in the handbook, if any
|previous = previous mission, if any
|bonus = bonus mission number, if any
|next = next mission, if any
|footnotes = you can add optional footnotes here