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It is attainable for you to make as considerably as N 200,000.00 in a week from blogging just like Linda Ikeji if you pursue your dreams and nonetheless have your dignity intact. For those blogging already, when you mess about to make cash, folks know. When you engage in black heart Seo, Google will have you punished. When you engage in sharing immoral posts in other to attract young guests, you sell your soul to the devil, drop God’s friendship, and ultimately get punished by Google. If you want to succeed as a blogger and like Linda Ikeji, you have to have a clean heart.

Do not backbite other bloggers who are additional prosperous than you are. Hating fellow bloggers or trying to bring them down through your blog posts will not assistance. Do not copy the operate of other bloggers for the reason that that amounts to stealing. Linda Ikeji usually wish people well and help them when she can. Be excellent to other folks. But above all, attempt also to be very good to your self. Believe in oneself. It is pretty straightforward to give in to feelings of self-doubt as a blogger and back-out when it seems that you are not acquiring as a great deal site visitors as you can. For generality of Nigerians who live in poverty Poverty can't be an impediment to results. Linda Ikeji utilized to sell and market beer at Sheraton hotel, Lagos when she was in university for an earnings of N1,000 per day.

Linda as soon as lived on what is popularly recognized in Nigeria as 'puff puff' and garri for about a week in UNILAG even at the time she was considered a prime model but no one knew what she was passing via. Linda knew poverty. Do you know that Linda Ikeji lived in Idi-oro, Mushin for a period of about 15 years? Up to when she turned to 25? So exactly where you reside or come from is no excuse for remaining in poverty. Linda skilled a lot of items in her life that she doesn’t disclose on account of loved ones privacy. She is nevertheless exactly where she is nowadays mainly because she by no means doubted herself and she never permitted people today who doubt to distract She was focused. She was determined. She worked challenging and she knew that the God she served won't let her down. The road she traveled was a lengthy one particular and from time to time really frustrating and painful but she never ever gave-up. God did it for Linda for the reason that he saw that she was prepared. He will also do it for you if he finds out that you are willing.

Linda Ikeji is set to launch her own Television station which reportedly will be streaming on DSTV, and the well-liked blogger has taken to her Instagram to inform her story. Writing on her page, the blogger revealed her earlier dreams of functioning in a Tv station and how her story changed due to sheer difficult operate. Now, she employs presenters and is set to personal her personal station. And why did she succeed? Ms Ikeji says it is mainly because no one particular can beat a passionate soul that never provides up. Growing up I wanted to be a reporter or a Television presenter… now I employ reporters and Television presenters..😊.

Rather of operating at a Tv station, I’m about to personal one particular. God has a way of undertaking his thing. Just trust him and never depart from him as you go on your journey. And don't forget, you just can’t beat the particular person who never provides up," she mentioned. Her inspiring post has triggered reactions among fans, in particular those who have followed her journey. In December, she told revealed how she contested ad failed at the 2003 Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant, and how that failed stepped pretty much crushed her. I was largely in a daze, wondering what to do subsequent," she mentioned. I’d believed becoming Miss Nigeria was the finest point that could occur to me. 3 years later, she started blogging and currently, right here she is. Increasing up I wanted to be a reporter or a Television presenter… now I employ reporters and Television presenters..😊. Alternatively of functioning at a Television station, I am about to personal 1. God has a way of performing his thing. Just trust him and by no means depart from him as you go on your journey. And remember, you just can't beat the person who under no circumstances offers up.

Laura Ikeji, a fashion blogger and clothier is obtaining married and her family could not be much less excited. Her older sister, Linda Ikeji shared the news on Instagram as well as her blog. According to reports, Laura has been dating Ogbonna Kanu for a whilst on the The former footballer yesterday stunned her with an organized marriage proposal in the presence of her close friends and family members. Linda Ikeji who is broadly regarded as the bread-winner of the family members is presently single at 36 as she continues to seek for her crown. She created a public appeal to God ahead of the year 2017 for her personal man as she celebrated with her younger sister. So my remarkable small sister Laura Ikeji got engaged tonight. Her man of about a year, former footballer and younger brother to football legend Kanu Nwankwo, Ogbonna Kanu, asked her to marry him and she mentioned yes! So so delighted for them. Big congrats to Laura. Meanwhile, to my matter, dear future husband, biko show up nah! Me sef want to put on wedding I tap into Laura’s blessings!

Linda Ikeji requirements no introduction in the blogging industry. When you speak about blogging in Africa, youare basically talking Linda Ikeji. When you talk about blogging in Africa, You need to mention the blogger Queen Linda Ikeji, Honestly speaking Linda Ikeji needs no introduction in the blogging market. Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) is said to be blogging and Social Media combined. It's additional like a mixture of Linda Ikeji's weblog and a social media network, it has similarities with Facebook and twitters, simply because you can obtain followers, post status, upload profile images share stories and quite a few a lot more. Don’t get this twisted as this is not some hate post like the ones going round the net proper now.

Linda has performed properly for herself and she has encouraged and changed the lives of so quite a few guests on her blog via GiveAways, giving aid to these who desires it. Getting come this far, it is expected of her to up her game, and take it to the next level, Bella Naija did same. Numerous would agree with me, it was after bella naija left the blogosphere, that was the move that paved way for our dear Linda. Soon after several important testimonials of the new social media platform rounding the net, , here are some downside of this great project of hers.

The Site is Slow sort of,but that is understandable due to the fact of the amount of men and women who trooped in as soon as they website was announced and went live. According to some close friends of mine who did some tiny testing "the average time it takes for the household page to be displayed on LIS. Within this period of time you would agree with me that 1 can log on to Facebook 4 times, YouTube 5 times, Nairaland eight occasions lol. She will have to locate help to fix this and scale the item. She’s also going to find out that, at her size, hosting ain’t absolutely free.

Anyway I know this will eventually get improved with time. Linda, for the first time considering that starting in the media organization, is not employing the best technology team or infrastructure in the globe. It is no news that She substituted her Google’s Blogger group - who handled safety, load balancing and updates for her on her blogger web site, Then contacted a net developer to get started function on the improvement of LIS. Apparently this said developer picked up the source code from Github. The level of agreement entered, into with the internet developer is unknown, we don’t know that at the moment. But In the occasion that there is a breach in contractual terms, it’s the registered customers that will surfer, why?

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Because a denial of service can occur at anytime, I am not saying it will happen though, but its not out of context that anything can occur. The developer can even hijack the site from her for all we know, Already some have began complaining about "Linda Ikeji Social Not Loading Again" Could it be as a result of the tons of traffic or what? So far there has been lot of drama lately concerning users trying to access the website.Customers were stuck outdoors waiting for their confirmation emails for nearly half an hour. So by usage of LIS app and site, we can say it will force customers to reveal their identities. This may well mean a unique type of interaction, well only time could tell.

Even although it will not be easy obtaining 50000 followers on this platform I believe this is a great development as it can retain members on the site. She promises members with 50k follows some percentage of revenue on LIS. I am quite sure a lot of will delve into this followership business enterprise on LIS. Some has stated This is just a way of Linda "saying sorry, I can not share my income with you" but I don’t know linda to be the stingy kind, she offers freely. Can we say we are all doomed lol! I am talking about privacy been invaded since of some small notes of naira, correct now everyone making a large deal about Linda paying customers for submitting original content. Tech Cabal says this feels a lot like china, lol , LIS has no new capabilities that make her a substitute for Facebook. Even though it is attainable to make calls on Facebook you can't do that on LIS. In truth, it’s safe to say that we do not know how this project of hers will end up simply because we do not know something. General, it takes courage to pull this off and all I can say is Great luck to her, personally I want her effectively, I truly want to see this develop and become really thriving.

Wizkid, who was incensed at Linda's audacity for reporting the story which he wanted to hold beneath wraps, came for her with guns blazing. He was also 'mad' at her simply because she had published other unpalatable stories about him, like when he was allegedly given a quit notice on the Lekki home he initially claimed he purchased. At the height of the social media war, Linda also replied Wizkid, calling him a child, and claiming that she had in no way met him, and bore no grudges against him. She ultimately reported him to the police authorities for threatening her life, and the police commissioner then got involved and urged them to live in peace afterwards. Primarily based on the history between the two achievers, numerous discovered it fascinating that they have been both nominated for the Character of the Year at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA). They were nominated alongside Caster Semenya, Pearl Thusi, and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. It was indeed an epic battle in between the personalities involved, as they all had legions of fans rooting for them. Even so, both Wizkid and Linda lost out, as athlete, Caster Semenya walked away with the trophy. Beyond the personality award even though, Wizkid emerged the man of the evening as he picked 3 other awards: Finest Male, Ideal Collaboration (which he won alongside South Africa's DJ Maphorisa and DJ Buckz), and Artiste of the Year. Only time will inform.

Funds can be made on Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) which was launched yesterday. Apart from permitting you to share memories, connect with good friends, read breaking news from Linda Ikeji’s blog, you can also make revenue on the Linda Ikeji Social Network in unique approaches. You can make cash by submitting stories on Linda Ikeji Social. LIS will spend you N1,000 per authorized story. For your story to be approved for payment, it should be exclusive and original. Payments will reflect in the "wallet" section of your LIS profile. Think about, submitting 10 exclusive news to LIS in a day. That is N10,000. Not bad if you are not however creating affordable cash on the web and if Adsense is not however generating sense on your weblog.

So, you think you know Linda Ikeji? Possibly you follow her blog, her gossip, and the oft-trending Linda Ikeji Television panels exactly where her media personalities go over topical issues, from domestic violence to Bobrisky. Properly, have have compiled five facts numerous fans do not know about her, in time for her 37th birthday. The major blogger changed the face of blogging in Nigeria. Lately, she announced that she is set to launch her own Tv station which reportedly will be streaming on DSTV. And nowadays, her birthday, she is reminding fans that she will be bringing that peculiar blogging magic to the Television station. In 2003, Ikeji was bustling with self-assurance that she would win the competitors.