Jack O'Hara

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Jack O'Hara
Green Beret in Commandos 3
Green Beret in Commandos 3
Background information
Born 10 October, 1909
Birthplace Dublin, Ireland
Key information
Nicknames Butcher, Green Beret, Jerry McHale
Weapon of choice Knife

Jack O'Hara (born 10 October, 1909 in Dublin, Ireland), also known as the Butcher or the Green Beret (or Jerry McHale in Commandos 2: Men of Courage) is a heavyweight of Irish origins and army boxing champion from 1934 to 1937 was sentenced in 1938 by a military court to 14 years of forced labour after hitting an officer. His sentence was suspended when he joined the commandos. He was promoted to sergeant after the raid on the island of Vaagsö, where, after having received a bullet in the arm, cut off from his unit and without ammunition, he penetrated a bunker and wiped out 16 enemy soldiers before returning to Allied lines.

An extremely violent character, this man has serious discipline problems. A hard bone to gnaw for his superior officers... and a real nightmare for the enemy. His strong sense of combat allowed him to be the Commando leader and it seems he is able to maintain friendship with all of his comrades.

The Green Beret is the biggest member of the group and his tremendous strength allows him to fight, knock out and tie the enemies very quickly. He is able to knock down virtually every door, jump from incredible heights, climb poles and swing along wires. In terrains such as sand or snow, the Green Beret can camouflage himself, using a small shovel, making him invisible to the enemy. He is also the second fastest runner of the group of commandos and his amazing stamina allows him to withstand flesh wounds and gunshots that would kill any other.

His preferred lethal weapons are his knife, his bare hands and stealth and with these at hand, the Green Beret is a killing machine. The Green Beret is also equipped with a radio device called a decoy. He can place it near the enemy and can remotely activate the device, causing brief distraction and temporarily interrupting guard positions and patrol routes. This is one of many ways to lure an enemy into a trap.